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The SHORTCUT of Modeling: 7 Time Condensing Secrets to Producing Compounded Results in 2012 to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!
Event Starts:
Friday December 16, 2011
@ 12:00pm

Event Ends:
Friday December 16, 2011
@ 4:00pm


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Journeys 4 Conscious Living

5855 Wadsworth Bypass
Arvada, CO 80003

From I-25 North or South: If you are traveling North or South on Interstate highway I-25, take the exit for Interstate highway I-70 going West (Exit 214A)

From the Airport: If you are coming from the Denver International Airport (DIA), Exit the Airport onto Pena Blvd Heading toward I-70. Pena Blvd veers West and turns into Interstate Highway I-70 heading West toward Downtown Denver and the mountains. You will pass over Interstate Highway I-25, keep heading West on I-70

Now you are on I-70 heading West toward the mountains take the Wadsworth exit to the North (right) (Exit 269A). Go 1.1 miles, turn West (left) onto Ralston.Immediately turn right, at the Olde Town Tavern & Grill, (before Compass Bank). Go behind the Old Town Tavern & Grill, we are the building on the right, right in front of Gunther Toodys Restaurant/Diner.

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Presented by:
George Ira Carroll

George Ira Carroll specializes in delivering Results Focused Coaching for Powerful and Passionate Entrepreneurs who want to grow and make a bigger impact in the world. His Coaching Process is designed to help Committed Entrepreneurs take their business from 5-Figures to 6-figures so they can serve more people and have more fun doing what they love. He delivers Breakthrough Training Seminars all over the country that give Entrepreneurs, Employees and Growing Small Businesses the Mindset, strategies and tools necessary to TANGIBLY grow their business. He has consulted and trained with Capital One, Monster.com, American Family Insurance and Keller Williams, just to name a few.

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The Shortcut of Modeling
7 Time Condensing Secrets to Producing Compounded Results to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Led and Facilitated by Certified Master NLP Practitioner George Ira Carroll

**Limited to ONLY the first 50 people**

Do you know anyone who tries to "re-invent the wheel" in their business? Do you find your self burnt out from working long and hard hours? Would you like to discover time condensing secrets so you're not "running on a treadmill" as you build your business life? When I first started my business, I was determined to do it "my way"... I was consistently tired, burned out and ready to give up. Then, I began to apply the practice of Modeling!! 

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
-Isaac Newton - Discoverer of the Law of Gravity

Modeling is the art of "Standing on the shoulders of Giants", as Isaan Newton so brialliantly said. NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming has been built from this time tested principle, and when I began studying the most successful people in my industry, my results Increased Dramatically! I intellectually understood this concept, but I never TRULY applied it. BUT, when I did...BAM! My results began to take on a compound effect, similiar to the image below!

Modeling is more than just simply doing what successful people are doing, it's understanding the deeper structure of WHY they are doing it. If you just copy someone's behavior, thats called mimicking. When you dive in and explore the deeper structure of values, beliefs and psyche of WHERE their actions are coming from, you can master the art of modeling and create magnificent results in the business of life!! 


  • The 2 most successful people in your industry to Model from! 
  • The essential components to masterful modeling!
  • How modeling will explode your business! 
  • WHY modeling is the core component for creating compounded results!
  • The questioning process that will allow you to MASTER the process of Modeling!
  • The 2 secrets of why most people fail at modeling!
  • Why using modeling is the key to your business' survival!

Modeling is how the human species evolves, AND how successful businesses evolve, but most people are unaware of the powerful impacts that modeling provides. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world have studied the greats, and have used this great strategy to compound their OWN results. If you're trying to re-invent the wheel, good luck...as businesses become more advanced, anyone who is attempting to re-create the wheel will be left behind...

"In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth...while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists." --Eric Hoffer

How can modeling compound the results in your business?  What's REALLY possible?